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    Be it any type of company registration, ltd, private, public etc. each type of registration has its own set of rules and legal requirements that the owner of the business needs to follow if you want to own the business name without facing legal complications in the longer run. 

    On top, that, each country has its own set of key rules and requirements for company registration. Company registration Ireland would be different from new company registration anywhere else. 

    Therefore, you need company registration consultants, who are experts of this particular domain who can guide you through the legal procedures and can take care of complex legislation’s without much hassle for you

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    What Is Company Registration?

    Company registration or business registration is a similar phrase used to give a legal value to your business entity. Registration of a company or business is mandatory in many scenarios such as when you are operating with a unique name, which becomes your identity locally or even around the globe. In addition, if you have a partnership where a unique name is given to the business for a unique identification rather than names of all partners it is also known as company registration.

    There are two major types of company registration process; majorly it is the nature of the company, which defines the registration process, such as:

    Partnership or Sole Trader Company Registration

    The basic version of a company type is sole trader ship, where there is only one person responsible for the profit and loss of the company. In this type of company registration, generally the person adds a unique phrase to his/her name to operate individually yet uniquely. As an example, Murphy Builders is a unique name for Mr. Stuart Murphy who wants to have a unique name in the construction industry, as there could be many other Mr. Murphy’s operations in construction business all around the country so it is better to have it registered with the local legislation.

    Our company registration consultants help you to know the requirements of sole trader or partnership registration. We will assist you to gather all necessary documentation, prepare the required reasoning and close the registration process through Form RBN1: for an individual and Form RBN1A: for a partnership company registration in Ireland.

    Limited Company Registration

    In Ireland, a private company that is limited by shares is the most common and even popular type of company registration. Not only Irish people but also people around the globe are looking into registration of new company registration in Ireland. One of the major attraction for local as well as international investors is the tax subsidy announced for the year and next.  The new company registration Ireland process is different for residents and non-residents of Ireland and that is where you need experts of the domain to handle it on your behalf.

    Starting from determining the availability of right people, choosing the unique name, tax registration and filing process, company structure till the banking procedures and documentation. We can take care of everything on your behalf.  Our new company registration process experts have been helping people around the globe for many years now and we take extreme pride in delivering quality services driven by expertise and professionalism.

    Unlike other legal firms in town we understand that as a beginner you may not understand many legal terms and therefore you need to speak to a company registration consultant who understands this and speak to your language rather than the legal terms. In order to facilitate that we have an easy to use online appointment booking system as well as direct email/call facility available with us for prompt communication. Reach us today to know more about new company registration in Ireland.

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    We are specialists in Xero, Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation & much more.