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    EU VAT Number Registration

    The EU Vat directive is not straight forward. It depends on jurisdiction and the services you provide.

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    Do I have To Register For An EU Vat Number

    Potentially yes if you fall under any of the circumstances listed below. Even non- EU & internal EU companies have to follow the same basic rules.

    If you are a foreign company buying and selling goods in another country the supplier may ask for your VAT number to check VIES the EU VAT register. If they see you are on there then they will not charge you VAT.

    If your company is importing goods into any EU country even intra EU movements have to be declared on returns.

    Holding goods in warehouses or distribution centres in the EU across multiple countries for final shipment to customers in other EU countries.

    E- commerce sellers sending goods to consumers within the EU.

    One Stop Shop ( OSS)

    We have had many ecommerce clients approach us recently with the One Stop Shop regulations coming into play form the 1st July 2021. This is a game changer & you may only need to register for VAT in one jurisdiction now not every single state.


    Like the One stop Shop (OSS) above this has been a game changer & we have had a lot of clients approach us here requesting we get them an EU Vat number or assist with their EU VAT registration.

    EU VAT Number Timeframe

    So, you have jumped through all the hoops for the local tax authority & you need the VAT number yesterday. Bad news you are looking 4-8 weeks on average post application submission. You need to get ahead of this & start the VAT registration the minute your company is incorporated.

    EU VAT Returns

    There are some great software providers out there that we work with who assist here. I would not try to do this myself on a normal accounts package.

    EU Vat Registration

    Ok so this is where it gets interesting you may have to register in multiple EU jurisdictions once you go over certain thresholds in each EU country. This is a pain for clients.

    Who wants to register in multiple jurisdictions with the forms being in the local language? Apparently, you can ask for the forms to be translated into English, but good luck with that in many cases you are just ignored.

    Let’s be honest they just do not hand these VAT numbers out like candy they ask a lot of questions & demand a lot of paperwork.

    EU VAT Checker The VIES Vat Number Validation

    Here is the link to this below. With this you can check if your customer is VAT registered within the EU & charge accordingly. It is the go-to EU vat checker.


    This is not straight forward, but do not despair it is not impossible either.

    We don’t have a magic wand, or do we guarantee you will get an EU VAT number. What we can do is talk you through what we feel is the best path for your company on a case-by-case basis.

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