Ok folk’s looks like the zombie apocalypse did not happen, but my bank account is running on fumes. 


I am seeing a load of negative posts about contracting being finished & want to offer a more positive alternative. It’s Friday so let’s have a bit of positivity.

The facts

Ok let’s be honest it’s a hard time to be a contractor. There is a recession in the post & we are amongst the 1st to get the cull when senior management see the bottom line for the quarter’s results. These conversations usually happen on a Friday with a quick call to the conference room and its notice time.

What now

If the dreaded meeting happens it happens you worrying about it will not stop it so carry on as normal. Hopefully you have saved a few bob in the rainy-day fund & the show will go on.


Planned or unplanned you may just need the break after a long contract. Use the time positively:

Take that course you were thinking about (it is a business expense).

Read more.

Get back in shape.

Do the chores around the house you have been procrastinating on & keep the boss aka your partner happy.

Remember your knowledge and experience are what make you valuable and this has not changed because of the pandemic.

Remote working & a flexible workforce will be the new norm.

This is a given. Offices are expensive & this pandemic has shown senior management what is possible. Companies save on rental expense & you save on commuting. Time is your most precious resource & you are getting some of it back.

Firms will use this now as the perfect excuse to restructure. The governments stepped in to stop the massive staff cuts, but they cannot & will not sustain this. Once we get the rebound as a contractor you are perfectly placed to fill any vacancy as you have a proven track record in flexibility compared to the average permanent 9-5 staffer.

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Conclusion- Positive vibes

We will be back. In 2008 the contracting world faced a massive upheaval and there were a lot of winners & losers. It returned with a bang though & my opinion is that it will again.

At Peak we are here to help.If you need more advice on working as a contractor, get in touch with us at or visit us at

At Peak, we are here to help. We provide the following services :

✔Company formation

✔ Bookkeeping 

✔ Annual Returns

✔ Vat

✔ Company Closure

If you need more advice on working as a contractor, get in touch with us at

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