• Looking for a new Accounting provider?
  • New to the contracting world?
  • Weighing up your options?

Look no further.


Peaks Moto “Make Accounting Simple” shines through in everything we do. We want to take away the hassle from Contractors and Small Businesses. Most of our clients come to us because they want to concentrate on their job or business and not spend all day completing their accounts. So they contact Peak which can set them up with 24 hours, guide them and make sure there are no fines while completing their accounts. 

Experienced staff 

We come from a background in Accounting, Project Management, and Technology which are all different fields. This shines through in what we do, we are extremely organized using advanced PEAK technology which aligned with our Accounting Knowledge and Project Management deadlines makes Peak what it is today. 

Good reputation

Our reputation supersedes itself. We started this company to complete people’s accounts promptly, keeping the client up to date with a personal touch. We have a list of clients who have given us a 5-star rating and are we aim to continue this. 


Umbrella companies in the past have been very hard to get information out of. A lot of them will not tell you what they are doing, what has been covered this month, and the work that goes on in the background. It is important for us at Peak to show you what level of detail has gone into your accounts and show how organized we are so you get value for money. 

Quality assurance

Umbrella Company complies with CASS regulation and we comply completely with GDPR so you can rest assured that your details are not shared. We have double checks in place for all payroll and accounts with a junior and senior Accountant looking after your accounts. This cuts down on the mistakes and gives high creditability to the accounts and peace of mind to all our clients. 

Customer service 

We like to get to know our clients, so we can pick up the phone to them if any issues and let them know where we currently with their accounts. We understand if you are a new contractor or a contractor moving from another provider then having the customer service goes a long way, as we will walk you through the steps to get started and to reassure you. 


At Peak, we have several fundamental qualities that make us the perfect Small business Accountant. 

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