EORI Number

What is an EORI Number ?
“EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification number”.
“Businesses and people wishing to trade must use the EORI number as an identification number in all customs procedures when exchanging information with Customs administrations.”
This unique number will identify a trader to Customs. It is required on customs exit and entry documents to ensure goods can be processed – plus other Customs communications. Companies in the EU only need one number in one jurisdiction to cover all the other EU member states.

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    Do I Need An EORI Number

    Probably yes in most cases as per the EU EORI homepage.
    “Any economic operator established in the customs territory of the Union needs, for customs purposes, an EORI number.
    Economic operators not established in the customs territory of the Union also need an EORI for several different situations.

    For example:

    • to lodge a customs declaration in the customs territory of the Union.
    • to submit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS)
    • to lodge an Exit Summary Declaration (EXS)
    • to lodge a temporary storage declaration in the customs territory of the Union
    • act as a carrier for the purposes of transport by sea, inland waterway or air;
    • act as a carrier who is connected to the customs system and wishes to receive any of the notifications provided for in the customs legislation regarding the lodging or amendment of entry summary declarations.

    Persons other than economic operators shall be registered in following situations:

    • where such registration is required by the national legislation of a Member State.
    • where the person engages in operations for which an EORI number must be provided according to the EU customs legislation.

    It is irrelevant if the economic operator is a company (legal person) or a natural person.”

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    EORI Number Checker

    We get a lot of calls from clients who have registered for VAT & about to do an important deal that they wanted the cash for in their bank account yesterday. Then they hit the road bump off the supplier has run my VAT number on the EORI checker and I am not showing up.
    So, let’s be clear in many situations they may be the same number, but just because you register for VAT with a tax authority it does not automatically mean you are EORI registered.

    EORI Checker

    Here is the official EORI checker.


    Apply For An EORI Number

    Ok this is where we can assist our clients as it’s not really that complicated once you know what you are doing.

    Once the EORI number is issued that is you ready to go.

    One small recommendation we usually tell clients to register for VAT 1st then do a small order/shipment to a client. The reason is you will need the EU carrier & tracking reference to assist the local tax authority with the application.

    EORI Timeframe

    This depends on the jurisdiction you apply for.
    Post Brexit we recommend forming a UK company in Northern Ireland as it is still within the UK so you can avail of companies house online formation tool which means you are formed in hours not days.
    Getting a business bank account is straight forward and we will assist here.
    Northern Ireland is still part of the EU customs union, so you are given an ‘XI’ EORI number.
    This can again be done online in days not weeks like with most EU jurisdictions.

    Need an EORI Number

    Reach out as we will try and assist.
    To find out more please visit https://peakaccountingsolutions.ie or contact@peakaccountingsolutions.ie

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