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Full Administration Or Management Of Your Offshore Company.

We hope the company is a great success and as they say time flies when you are having fun & hopefully making a lot of money. Once year 2 comes around we will remind you well in advance of any regulatory deadlines. Government fees, annual returns, accounts, tax returns, year 2 registration fees like registered office and company secretary.

This will allow you to relax and know that the company remains in good standing.

Provide Nominee services

In terms of law, nominee services are a system of contractual arrangements between nominees (directors and shareholders) and actual owners (beneficial owners) of a company.

Nominee services are an optional service under which a person other than the real owner who effectively manages the company is appointed as a director at the time of incorporation or at a later date. That is to say, the company will have a so-called ‘shadow’ director. The same applies to a company shareholder – this can also be a nominee.

Where the company has nominee directors and nominee shareholders, and in some cases even nominee secretaries, it is said to have full nominee services.

The most common reason why nominees are appointed to a company is to maintain the confidentiality of the corporate structure, as the identity of the owner can be fully concealed since the corporate documents show only the details of nominees. The nominee director and shareholder do not control the business of the company and only act on instructions of the owner. But this is all in general terms.


What will be next step?


Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your business needs and objectives. We also provide an overview of the Irish business environment, regulatory landscape, and the costs associated with setting up a company.


Registration & Documentation

We handle all the registration paperwork, from company name check to drafting of Articles of Association and submission to the Companies Registration Office. We ensure every step is done accurately and promptly.


After Registration Services

Post registration, we provide services like tax registration, account setup, regulatory compliance guidance, and secretarial services. We aim to give your company a strong foundation.

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Write us a few words about your project and we will prepare a proposal for you within 24 hours.