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The Best Ways To Compose Your Own Injections For Inventories

College essays for sale are one of the most lucrative kinds of writing on the market. Of course, like any other type of writing, they can also be very difficult and frustrating to need … Read More

Perks Of Hiring An Accountant For Small Business

Owing to the fact that small business owners do not have enough resources, they often have to do all their tasks on their own. However, specific tasks, like accounting, are done best by professionals.  Although there are multiple accounting tools … Read More

Tax Credits In Ireland 2021: Everything You Should Know

Let’s begin by knowing if all our readers are aware about what exactly a tax credit is. For those who don’t, hang on you will know it all. We are going to explain the concept in layman’s language.   So what … Read More

Limited Company in Ireland: Are you looking to Set it Up?

A Limited Company is also known as ‘Private Limited Company by shares’. In Ireland, this is a common business structure. Shareholders and directors are restricted to the liability in a limited company. This means they are accountable only for the … Read More

Ireland Company Tax Returns

Ireland is not only just really green, it has also become one of the best places to do business.  Why Ireland? Ireland has some of the lowest company tax in Europe at 12.5%, which is great news for lots of businesses, … Read More

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Claiming Tax Back – Ireland

One of my favourite conversations with clients is telling them they are entitled to a tax refund. Usually my job is telling them they must withhold tax/vat, so tax rebates are an easier conversation that I find are best on … Read More

Register for VAT

VAT- the dreaded 3 letters that a business owner or contractor hates to hear, for several reasons, due to hassle to account for, file with Revenue & fines for not filing. However we are at hand to help! We are … Read More

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Rent income tax calculator

Ok, SOOO here it is… the rental income tax calculation – pretty straight forward if you think about it! Right? Only joking, the rental calculation is actually really straight forward! Pheww I hear you say …. Firstly do you need … Read More

Company Tax Returns

Why Ireland? Ireland has some of the lowest company tax in Europe at 12.5%, which is great news for lots of businesses, both in Ireland and overseas. It means that you will only be paying 12.5% on all your profits, now … Read More

File an Income tax return- Form 11

Although the 31st October may seem a long way away currently the financial landscape post covid has still to be determined. One think for sure Revenue will need to claw back some of the funds they gave out to stop … Read More